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WardenDarkwingArtist Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
the----guy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
Hey, good to see you drawing again! Do you also plan to make more of those photo/drawing combination pictures?
hannahweasley12 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
No I don't have my laptop with the camera anymore
the----guy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
Ah. Dang.
invderzimfannumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013

alrigth these are you last olines for a very long time

-Red- No Zim don't start that again please for the sake of our sanity what is it?

-Zim- I just wanted to inform you that me and Amethyst will be off of the horrible earth Skool for a full earth week. It is something that the humans call spring break.

-Red- And this was worth telling us because?

-Zim- Don't you understand my tallest this means that we can have uninterrupted conversations about my progress on this filthy plant for a full earth week isn't that great?

-Purple- Ah look Zim we think it's time that you and Amethyst went on a vacation.

-Zim- What Zim needs no vacation.

-Red- What he meant to say was a ah...ah...a Reconition Mission.

-Zim and Purple- Ah what?

-Red- Yeah a Reconition Mission I can't believe you two haven't heard about this. It is were we send our top ranking invaders to another part of their assigned planet for one earth week in this case and they observe that area and don't report back to us until the week is over.

-Zim- It sounds...

-Red- Import yes it is Zim we would not send you on it unless we felt you were truly ready. So can we count on you Zim?

-Zim- Very well my tallest me and Amethyst shall go on this Reconition Mission (he saluted) Well Invader Zim signing off. (he cute the transmission)

-Red- Shoo that was close. Can you imagine having to deal with that pain in the but for a full earth week? (the two of them shuttered) Yeah we're just lucky that he was too busy doing whatever it was he was doing during that summer break thing to bug us.

-Purple- I know why couldn't he have done that stuff this time too?

-Red- Yeah I know it's so unfair.

-Purple- Dah and you know what else is unfair the fact that these stupid humans keep giving Zim and Amethyst to many breaks.

-Red- Yeah I know right I don't enjoy having to deal with him ever other earth month Jeez.

-An Irken Massive Crew Member- Ah sirs?

-Red- Yeah what is it now?

-An Irken Massive Crew Member- We have a incoming transmission from the Wisest.

-Purple- Aww what does she want?

-An Irken Massive Crew Member- I'm not sure sirs but it seems very important should I patch her throw.

-Red- Yeah might as well see what she wants this time.

-Wisest- (she appears on the screen) Greetings Tallest.

-Red- Yeah hi Wisest what do you want?

-Wisest- Oh not much sirs I was just wondering how everything is going over there you know with Zim and all?

-Purple- Everything's fine.

-Red- Yeah why do you ask?

-Wisest- Oh no reason it's just that well Kierra has been telling me that Amethyst has not been feeling very well lately.

-Red- Oh no, is she sick again?

-Wisest- Well no actually Kierra won't tell me exactly what is wrong with Amethyst because she says that Amethyst won't let her. So I was just wondering how everything is going over there.

-Purple- Everything is fine we just sent Zim on a Reconition Mission.

-Wisest- Hmm...A Reconition Mission? I've never heard of such a thing.

-Red- That's because I mad it up. Yeah we told Zim to go to another part of the earth for a full earth week and not report back to us untill the week is up. So he wouldn't bug us isn't that a great idea?

-Wisest- Yeah well it certainly is an interesting idea tallest and I can see how Zim could fall for something like that but don't you two realize that this was the time of earth year when the Matrixsys powers were at their best?

-Purple- Yeah but what does that have to do with anything Doom and the rest of the Matrixsys are gone right?

-Wisest- Yeah they're gone but still I don't think it was such a good idea to send the future queen on a fake noncomunitive mission around this time I really think you two should call Zim and...

-Red- Oh sorry Wisest you're breaking up where going throw a meteor shower AH! Gotta go. (he signaled for one of the Massive Crew Members to cute her off and the transmission ended)

-An Irken Massive Crew Member- Ah sirs do you really think it was wise to hang up on her like that?

-Red- Dah of course it was besides Utopians always over react. I mean come on nothing bad is going to happen.

-Purple- Yeah and more importantly I don't wan to miss out on going to Planet Carnival just because the Wisest has a feeling something bad is going to happen.

-Red- Yeah I wan't free doughnuts.

-Purple- And I wan't free notches. So set a course for Planet Carnival and lets enjoy this Zim free earth week.

-The Tallest- Woohoo!

invderzimfannumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
alright so i waws able to get some of your lines recovered from what you sent me but not all of them but i willl use the ones i got and record the rest on my own thank you fo much for your help
invderzimfannumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013

ok i have some b ad news i cannot play your lines on my computer they won't work and i have tried everything so enjoease you can put your lines on youtube i will have to be red from now on i hope you don

't mind and i am very sorry.

hannahweasley12 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Oh. Well, I cant put them on YouTube. I'm using my ipad
invderzimfannumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
i got some of them to work so don't worry
invderzimfannumber1 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
 got your meassages thank you so much i have not listend to them yet but i will tommorrow anyway thanks again
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